The Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony

The Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony is a solemn, yet empowering occasion at which recent and past victims of police killings are formally inducted into the roster of the Stolen Lives Project. The Stolen Lives Induction Ceremony is both an affirmation of life and a call to action. It brings together family members to a space in which there is an acknowledgement of the humanity of their loved ones whose lives were stolen at the hands of the police in contrast to the demonization by the powers-that-be.

At these ceremonies, families speak of their loved ones and their struggles for justice, their voices joined by community organizers and others in the fight against police violence, as well as artists who contribute their art and performance for healing, for strength, for empowerment. The ceremonies end with a pledge (see below) by all in attendance, as a (re)affirmation of our commitment to the struggle.

I, _________, pledge that the life and the humanity of these Stolen Lives will not be forgotten. I pledge that their highest hopes and aspirations will live on in us, and that I will seek justice for these and all Stolen Lives. In this way I pledge that their memory will stay alive and will inspire us to fight for justice and a better world.


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